DIY Day - Pillowcases

Over the last few months, whenever I have a little time to spare, I've been making pillowcases. It's a great way to use some of my most favourite fabrics and know that I'm going to see them often, and even get to dream on them. It also brightens up the beds. I like my pillowcases to have an 'envelope' bit that encloses the pillow, which makes the making of them slightly more complicated, but on the whole pillowcases are really easy to make. Which makes them a perfect DIY for the weekend, plus you'll have time over to dolly them up a bit. Here are a couple of tutorials for making really pretty decorative pillowcases.

Add a pretty border. Tut from Stop Staring and Start Sewing.
Add crochet edging. Tut series from You Go Girl.
Next week I'll be posting some photos of my home, which we've been madly tidying and organising the last couple of weeks, and I'll show some of the fun pillowcases I've been making.

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