Vintage Playtime - Tinker Toys

You know how the Hey Cherry girls love vintage toys. Bronwen has a beautiful collection, and we'll be showcasing some of it in our Vintage Playtime series on Wednesdays. This week, though, we're kicking off with one of my personal favourites: Tinker Toys. I had a large set of Tinker Toys when I was a child, and I played with them for hours. Bron found a vintage set for me, and I have it happily sitting on the bookshelves in my lounge, but unfortunately it is missing some of the crucial pieces that would allow me (or my kids) to really go to town building with it. Hasbro still makes Tinker Toys, and you can buy them online, though I haven't seen any in South African shops.


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  2. You can buy the new Tinkertoys sets online from They have stock now (January 2015).

    My 5 year old son just started building with his Tinkertoy Transit set and I must set the quality is absolutely amazing.