Loving Local - Street Scene Tours

This bit of local loving goes out to Street Scene tours, a really great local initiative that showcases some of the lesser known, and more exciting parts of the wonderful city that we call home - Durban. Street Scene offer a variety of walking, biking and shuttle tours around Durban catering both to tourists and to locals. The Hey Cherry girls, being lifelong Durbanites, are familiar even with some of the more obscure parts of town - we're just curious kinda gals - but we know that many of our fellow Durbanites have never experienced the colour and vibrancy of the Warwick Junction markets, the delicious curries and bargain fabrics of the Grey Street area, or the warm friendliness of our local shebeens. So whether you're a visitor looking to see more of Durban's real life, or a resident who wants to find out something new and magical, give Street Scene a call and book your tour today!

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