Dia De Los Muertos (1)

Bron and I are gearing up for Dia De Lost Muertos, prepping lots of lovely goodies for you to buy at the October I Heart Market, and readying ourselves for our family party at the end of October. We'll be sharing some of our Dia De Los Muertos inspiration with you every Friday over the next few weeks.

An amazing Dia de los Muertos altar
This festival is a traditional Mexican one, with its roots in indigenous Mexican culture and religion. Over the 1st and 2nd of November, families gather to remember and pay tribute to their beloved dead. Part of the festivities includes the building of beautiful altars, with many flowers, sugar skulls and religious items. Favourite items of the dead are included on the altar - a preferred food or drink, momentos and other small gifts to honour those who have passed. We love the opportunity that this festival gives us to think about how all those we love, both living and dead, contribute to our lives in so many ways.

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