Sweet Housey Day

As you have all seen, my fabulous partner Bron is the queen of beautiful spaces. Her home inspires me every time I go there. It's not only full of gorgeous things; it's organised and neat. So we have started a project to turn my home into just such a neat, organised, lovely space. We're going to get together every Friday and sort out just one space and get it right. Today we jumped in the deep end and tackled my 'Making Shelves'. These shelves are in a corner of my dining room, and must hold all of my bits and pieces for sewing, embroidery, millinery, papercrafts and various Hey Cherry products. That's a lot of pressure on one set of shelves. But just look at how fantastic they look (and trust me, they are organised within an inch of their lives - I actually know where everything is now, because everything has a place):

Thank you, my darling, for helping me make my space feel so much better. You are my biggest inspiration.


  1. Oh so Pretty! I could do with a little help to get my work space looking as pretty as yours. My craft stuff is all over the place...