Quilting Quandary

A few years back I made a quilt for our king size bed out of vintage fabrics I had collected. It was such a mission that it has taken me this long to want to start another. But we have just bought bunk beds for the boys and I thought it would be nice to make them each a quilt.
Here are some pics of fabrics I am going to include. Not all of them are vintage - my favourite new piece is the gypsy caravan panel my sweet sister bought for me from Kristen Doran. Some of the other new pieces come from a wonderful site called Kelani Fabrics.

My quandary is this. I have collected a lot of fabrics with a red / blue colour scheme - which will be great for Leith, our eldest. However I also have a huge quantity of seventies pinks and oranges. I know that Kian (our little one of 2 years) wont mind the pink for now, but as he grows older and goes to school he may become more gender conscious. What to do? I keep trying to reclaim pink as a genderless colour with the older one, but he is adamant that it is a girls' colour. Sigh.

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