From Frivolity To Psychology

We were thrilled when we were commissioned to make 20 lucky packets, by a child psychologist. Apparently she bought one from us at the market and used it as a talking point in one of her sessions and it worked remarkably well.
Her brief was to try and source domestic / classroom / everyday scenes from vintage children's books and to make up the lucky packets. She did not want them sealed with their contents inside but rather to deliver them separately so that she could fit the contents to the lucky packet needed.
We used the beautiful old Ladybird books, some Richard Scarry and a few other gems to complete the job.
It is always nice when something one does seems to serve a good purpose.
We have also been commissioned to do lucky packets for a wedding.... but more on that in another post.


  1. Such a thrill to hear of your success in these very lucky, lucky packets. There cannot have been anything better in my childhood than having had a lucky packet bought for me. Beautiful nostalgia.

  2. What an interesting story. So cool!