A Few Of My Favourite Things: 4) Mixtapes

I have a strange little story about a mixed tape to share with you. Some of the names have been changed.

Once there was a boy who was very good at making beautiful mixed tapes.

This boy was going out with a girl called Jane.
One day Jane borrowed one of the boy's mixed tapes.
Jane had a house mate called Mary, who also like mixed tapes. 
A few weeks went by and one afternoon Mary borrowed one of Jane's tapes to listen to. 
Mary loved the tape so much she played it for her friend Bronwen. Mary didn't know who made the tape originally, but declared if she ever found the maker she would marry them then and there. Bronwen agreed that it was a very fine mixed tape indeed. 
A few years went by and Bronwen and Mary found themselves in a land over the seas.
In the land over the seas Bronwen met up with a wonderful man named Darren.
One New Year's Eve, Bronwen and Darren went to visit with their friend Mary, who was now living on the coast of this far away land. 
Mary asked Darren to put on some music and as Darren rummaged through her mixed tapes he exclaimed in surprise as he found one of his very own mixed tapes among the bunch – a tape that he had been missing for years.
Bronwen, not Mary, landed up marrying Darren, but they all lived happily ever after anyway.

Darren is still very good at making beautiful mixed tapes.


  1. Mary, Mary quite contrary knew that there was a much bigger plan linked to that tape of mixed deliciousness. Silver bells and cockle shells and all those pretty maids in a row. A beautiful end to a beautiful story, it could never have been anything else x