And a few last minute products from the regular gals....

My lovely friend David came over and was very nice about the Sassy Fridge Gals, and suggested that perhaps for the boys I might do something a little more, well, cheeky. And so the Fridge Pin-ups were born...

These cheeky girls are priced at R25 for a pair, and R35 for the triplets.
And then, as a little momento of my very awesome trip to Legoland Germany, I have some cute little brooches for you. These will make a fun stocking filler, and I think the boys will like them too...

Little dudes will be at the I Heart Market for R20 a pop.


  1. Hope you both have a great day tomorrow... wish I could be beamed up for the weekend xox

  2. ps. I NEED the cutie doll wearing the costume brooch :0)
    Love your saucy gals too Sam

  3. I just love all your products! I wish you lived closer, that way you could stock up my whole shop!Maybe in the new month I could order some gals from you:)