Last time we did the market we introduced our Lucky Packets. Sam is in charge of the adult ones @ R60 each (no they are not X rated - although there were so many inquiries that there might be some in the future). I do the children's ones @ R40each. We sew them out of old books that have seen better days and stuff them with quirky goodies, toys and sweeties. This batch I have made has some beauts....

This set comes from a wonderful large-scale vintage children's book with classic stories such as the Hansel and Gretel and the Emperor's Nightingale. I really feel that the quality of children's book illustration was so beautiful back then.

This set comes from a wonderful annual from the 1970's containing a great alphabet rhyme. I was going to keep the set as a frieze for a children's room, but unfortunately due to double sided printing I could never make the whole alphabet.

These very classic illustrations come from a 1970's edition of "The Real Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes". I especially love "The Queen of Tarts"

I love it when I find illustrations that echo the concept of a Lucky Packet - This really pleased Velociraptor and the fairy godmother granting the wish are perfect.

If you are interested in having lucky packets custom made for a special kid's party or adult dinner please contact us on the following email addresses:
Bronwen (for children's party packs) or Sam (for adults party packs) We do offer a small discount on orders of ten or more.

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