Feelin' Lucky?

Here is a sneak peek at another little item that will be on our stall at the I HEART MARKET this Saturday.
These kiddies lucky packets are made from recycled vintage children's books and annuals. Often when book shopping we come across beautiful old books that have seen better days. Sometimes the pages are scribbled on, sometimes the spines are broken. So we try to use them in other ways. At R45 each (R40 if you buy 10 or more) the lucky packets are cheap enough for kiddies to buy with their pocket money, however we have tried to make sure the contents are not too junky. They are also ideal for a special party packs.

These are the kind of things you can expect to see inside - however they are all slightly different as they are after all supposed to be a surprise.


  1. I LOVE guys! You make the coolest stuff.

  2. These are awesome! I would love to have these in my shop...would it be possible? Would you please drop me a mail at Thanx:)