hey cherry easter giveaway

So we have a new look on the Hey Cherry blog, thanks to my patient husband Tom, who indulges us when we say 'but why can't you just make photoshop do it the way we want it?'. We also have a special easter giveaway.We've got a whole box full of goodies from Hey Cherry looking for a lovely home. Enter in the usual way: follow the Hey Cherry blog and leave a comment on this post telling us why you should be the lucky winner. For extra entries, like us on Facebook and leave a comment on our group wall. You can also follow us on Twitter.Winner will be drawn 24th of April.

 In this parcel we have: one adult's book pack; one children's book pack; a beautiful embroidered vintage tablecloth; musical bunting; a jigsaw map brooch; a map pinata; a birdie brooch; a BadBunny fridge magnet; a pink bokkie child's t-shirt and (not pictured) two beautiful cards with envelopes. Yeah, that's a lot of swag. So get commenting already.


  1. Ah WOW - what an amazing prize
    I think I should win because
    1 - I love competitions
    2 - I love your goodies
    3 - I'd we good advertising ;) xxx

  2. Sorry - not 'we' ..... "I'd be good advertising "

  3. ooh fancy! Crossing my fingers for this gorgeous goodie basket :-)

  4. oh also follow on twitter, facebook group and commented on group wall.

  5. Reasons I should win:

    I would make my niece and nephew very happy by giving them the children's book pack and t-shirt when I invite them over for tea and cake that we will enjoy on my embroidered vintage table cloth.

    The musical bunting hanging over the table will add nice background music to the setting while we take turns reading each other stories from our new books.

    My niece and I will complement each other on our brooches when my nephew go get us something to drink from the fridge (adorned with the bad bunny fridge magnet) so that we have something to enjoy with our sweets from the map pinata.

    At the end we will write letters to others containing the words "wish you were here" to brag about our fun tea party!

    I also follow you on twitter and liked you fb page :D

  6. I'm already a liker & a follower :P
    Maybe I should win coz of that?

  7. Ahhhh, I wanna win because I only greet people by saying 'HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!' and I love cherries. Ok, I don't love cherries but I really want to win this cuz its an awesome giveaway. Following on Blogger, FB, Twitter and will go join on Facebook.

  8. I promise to give these awesome goodies a really great home!

  9. oh, oh pick me, hey cherry ladies :) Fab giveaway

  10. Ooooo, why should I win? (Aside from the fact that everything in the hamper is so gorgeous I could weep.)

    Well, I couldn't help but notice the inclusion of the BadBunny fridge magnet. As they say at BBA (BadBunnies Anonymous): "Even ...bad, BadBunnies deserve good homes."

    He would hang happily on a fridge filled with crisp lettuce and succulent carrots...and decadent ice cream (he is, after all, a bad, BadBunny). He would be part of a language development programme, courtesy of the fridge poetry. And the magnetic alphabet offer a spelling course (and he would learn real words too, not just street bunny lingo). And with the pink, sparkly heart magnet nearby, who knows, he may even find love...

    Now that's one happy Easter BadBunny.

  11. Because I just fell in love with the vintage tablecloth and I am pretty sure that I neeed it. Also the musical bunting would go really well with the vintage records framed on my wall.

  12. Note to the Inspired...i should win because

    1. I have a great personality
    2. I never win anything largely because i don't enter competitions and need further encouragement to keep trying
    3. I just turned 40
    4. I have great taste
    5. I have never read the jungle book and feel I need to now surrounded by beauty

    love Jess