April I Heart Market Goodies

Ok, first of all, check it out...

Yes! I have my beautiful case from Mooi!

I had to wait until today to go and get the lovely case but luckily the red one was still there and now it is mine. Soon to be filled with all sorts of goodies for the embroidering of, but in the meantime laden with some of the Hey Cherry Easter Offerings. What do we have here?

Bunny Pinata R30, Heart Pinata R25

In December our 'pinatas' were snapped up, so we have done them again for Easter. The bunnies are made with children's book illustrations. We have hearts cut from old National Geographic maps, and a limited edition run of Mr T hearts - I pity the fool who doesn't get there early to snap one of these up. There will also be classic book text pinatas. And, if I get them done in time, Smurf Hearts. All the 'pinatas' are filled with individually wrapped sweets. Since Easter tends to be entirely too much about chocolate, we are not putting chocolate in these. And yes, you do have to tear them open to get at the sweets. For the faint-hearted, there will be a limited run of stuffed bunnies and hearts that do not require ever being torn apart.

Map Bunting

Everyone who has seen our map bunting has declared it 'perfect for boys', which makes me very happy because usually things somehow land up being more girly. Old Nat Geog maps, cream ties, and white, red or blue stitching make these a beautiful soft decor item. They're available in varying lengths, some with only larger flags, some varied, some with only small flags. Packaging will indicate which is which. Pricing will be according to length.


  1. love your stuff. man i want one of those bunnies! any way the jo'burgers can get hold of it?

    from the team!

  2. Thanks Hanneke. At the moment you can order from us and we can send a parcel, but we're hoping to have a stockist in Jhb by the end of the year.