A market full of fun...

Yesterday's I Heart Market was, as always, a busy and exciting day. Lots of old and new friends stopped by the Hey Cherry stall and it was great to see all the usual people plus some lovely new crafters at the market. The big hall at the DLI proved to be a great venue, though a little dark for photos....
Jo popped in early on her way to a party...
The fabulous cakes are always so beautifully made.
Charming cushions from Pink Acid.

Beautiful blue earrings from Mismatch.

Daniel's Friends. Such charming characters.

Loving the proscenium arch over at Cupcake Couture.

The cleverest hearts from Freshly Found.

And as always, we drool over Token.
And of course, books, magnets, brooches and beautiful cards on the Hey Cherry stand.

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