Birthdays, Hairstyles and Cushions from the Land of DO-WHAT-YOU-PLEASE

So this week is my fellow cherry's birthday. In true Sam style she celebrates with multiple events. Thursday night saw the girls all dressed up, drinking cocktails with fabulous hairdos and pretty dresses. I hang my head as I fear I let the side down. To make up for it, yesterday I actually tried to style my hair. Sweet Sam this is for you:  

(The bad photoshop neon glow filter is to hide the even worse take-pic-of-self-in-the-car photo of the hairdo) 

I have been making things other than hairdos though. I am trying my hand at making fabric - here are a few examples of the cushions I have made. I am still trying to decide whether or not to sell these at the I HEART MARKET. You see, if I do make them for sale they are going to be ridiculously priced at R250 - R300 due to the time it takes to hand print the fabric and sew the cushion. They are printed on 100% cotton with a nice high thread count so they are great to have against your skin - I fear they may crease though.

Most of these images are "appropriated" from vintage children's books .

One last thing: yesterday I went for lunch at a friend's home and heard a beautiful album called Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss who is a wonderful American bluegrass-country singer. 

UPDATE: I know we're partners but I have to gush here about Bron's cushions a bit. She's put in a lot of effort and they're all absolutely beautifully made, with such gorgeous images. I received an early birthday gift of The Land of Do-as-you-please and I'm thrilled with it. They're fairly limited editions - we only make something until we get tired of making it. If you are interested in buying these cushions, please email us.


  1. Your hair looks awesome styled like that - very Mad Men! And those cushions are great.

  2. I love the hair!
    Such talent....the cushions are wonderful!

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  4. Can I get a print of the hair photo on a cushion. That would be the twisted ideal I aim for....

    I'm sleeping with B [dimdim] and B's sleeping with me [dim dim]....

  5. I love the land-of-do-as-you-please cushions!As always the attention to detail is superb. I think they are very well priced especially as they are hand-printed.