All sorts of pretty

Jenny Harris writes one of my favourite blogs - Allsorts. She's funny, she posts lots of great projects and freebies, she has the same favourite colour combo as me (red and turquoise, and don't forget the polka dots...) and she does the most beautiful interior decor in her home, then shares it with her blog readers. I'm totally in love with her bedroom, and her christmas themed bedroom dresser is the cutest thing. Wish I had the time and energy for this sort of thing.

And check out this absolutely awesome mushroom and berry christmas tree she created. Pop over to the blog to read about how she did it. She makes it sound soooo easy.


  1. Hey Sam, How are you ? it's Penny here, really have enjoyed reading your blog and your links to other Durban bloggers. Does Bron add to this one ? I know she started her blue birdie one but not sure if she has continued with it or not. I am loving all the vintage and retro ... all right up my street. I'm into yarn at the moment, 70's crochet and knitting fun... as you will see on my blog if you have a moment, look forward to keeping in touch xox P

  2. Hi Penny, so nice to hear from you. Your blog is great too, and I'm pleased your comment led me to it. Bron does post here from time to time, tho is far less addicted than I.

  3. Hey,

    Saw this blog and was totally inspired so I made a brooch with you in mind... if you get a chance pop over to my blog and have a lookie see.

  4. Love the blog! Very inspiring!