Spring into Summer

So I, Bronwen, the silent blog partner and other half of Hey Cherry, have been cleaning out my studio and in the process did the following:

1) I broke the molds for most of my old products as I was just so sick of making biscuits and love, peace and hope tiles.

2) I also found a whole lot of little goodies I bought in scrapbook shops last year on my trip to Australia. These inspired me to do a little creative cutting and combining and these new products are the result. They will be on sale at the December I HEART MARKETs and at Fat Tuesday only. I will not be taking orders but will just be selling what I make, as orders were the thing that made me hate the last batch of tiles I made.
They are all made from Jesmonite / Material 1 which is a locally developed product that is a kind of mix between a resin and a plaster. It is durable for both inside and outside use and is guaranteed for about 100 years.

This is a tile I originally designed for my father for Xmas as he loves trees and birds. It is the size of a standard wall tile 15.5 cm /15.5 cm and will be selling for R 170 at the market.

This series of little oval shaped tiles were designed for my new wee niece in Australia who has a wonderful story attached to the beginning of her life. These little tiles tell of the tale of her coming into being, but are also just lovely garden decorations. They are 7.5 cm  /9.5 cm and will be selling at the market for R 120 each.

These tiles were designed for my mum and sister (who are avid gardeners). The round fireworks tile is for a dear friend of mine Alastair Mclachlan who loves fireworks and who runs a beautiful space in downtown JHB
They will are 10 cm / 10 cm and will be selling for R 130 each.

Here are little brooches I have made for friends including the one that says "busy" for a very busy and important friend I have. They are 2 cm / 2 cm and 2 cm / 4 cm respectively and sell R 30 and R 40 each.

Lastly, a set of magnets, or if you are into mosaicking, -  small tiles. The small ones are 4 cm squared and the larger ones 4 cm / 6 cm and sell for R 40 and R 50 respectively.

All these new items are packaged ready for giving.


  1. I love visiting this site, it is like a little piece of happiness ... it always makes me feel a bit guilty though that I do not kick my arse into action and do more creative things .... I have started buying wine with more interesting wine labels .... does that count?

  2. o wow - brace yourselves, will be hitting your stand with a vengeneance!

  3. OMLG I Cannot wait!!! so beautiful!